DEFENDERS on the way

It’s been really busy at the KP offices lately, we’re right now working hard to make the 3D Remake of the original “Defenders of the Last Colony” but this time on Steam, right now we’re on the top of Greelight so that might not be too far away… These are some screenshots: Cheers!!

The light at the end of the tunnel

Well, Defenders of the Last Colony is out! You can buy it directly from the developers here: It’s been a year since I started with XNA, and if somebody would had showed me the actual game and told me that I programmed it, I wouldn’t believed it! I’ve learnt so much during these 12 months… […]

DOTLC on Desura

Defenders of the Last Colony will be available on Desura very soon. This is the link to DOTLC Desura’s site: and also their sisters sites: and in case you want to follow us there! Thanks!