The light at the end of the tunnel

Well, Defenders of the Last Colony is out!

You can buy it directly from the developers here:

It’s been a year since I started with XNA, and if somebody would had showed me the actual game and told me that I programmed it, I wouldn’t believed it! I’ve learnt so much during these 12 months…

I quit my job, and I’ve lived only of a few hours a week of teaching. I don’t know how much this game will make, honestly… not much. Not because is not good (the game is excellent, not many indie games have this level of quality and polishment), but because is unknown.

I’m trying to do the PR as well as I can, but getting the word out there and give publicity to your game is harder than code it or make it look pretty.

Twitter, facebook, emails, press, blog…

Well, the creature is out there, I’ll keep the PR and the support. It’s already submitted to several game sites and I’m waiting for approval.

I think I’m going to take some time off, and stay tuned for the postmorten some time in September or October!