DEFENDERS on the way

It’s been really busy at the KP offices lately, we’re right now working hard to make the 3D Remake of the original “Defenders of the Last Colony” but this time on Steam, right now we’re on the top of Greelight so that might not be too far away… These are some screenshots: Cheers!!

EXILED – First Gameplay Video

First gameplay video of EXILED, our upcoming game. EXILED is a 2.5D Action Platformer focus on fighting mechanics and RGP elements. Following a renegade demon seeking revenge, you will discover a beautiful fantasy worlds populated with amazing creatures and great dangers. FEATURES  · Open world exploration · 7 different elements to use · Collect weapons […]

EXILED Screens on Structure Gaming

Structure Gaming made a great article about the first screenshots of EXILED, our second and upcoming game highlighting the words of one of the co-founders of Knitted Pixels, Victor Santos, about the gameplay and the story of the game. You can click on the image or just read it through this link: We hope you […]

Indie-o-rama Highlights DOTLC

In time to celebrate our website’s new look the Spanish Indie Games site Indie-O-Rama highlights in one of his latest articles Defenders of the Last Colony. They said that “neither the biggest or the better game developers have done such a great mix between the classic tower defense strategy games and the arcade shooters of […]